Since 2012

Since 2012, VIRTUREAL WORCON continues to take visions from imagination to reality. Our Virtual Construction journey began with the bagging of two prestigious mandates for large Greenfield residential projects from reputed Real Estate developers in Pune and Meerut which has provided the opportunity of gaining a quick entry into these high potential geographies for a Greenfield. The enormous bandwidth the management team of the company brings in with several decades of expertise and high levels of commitment and values has laid a strong foundation for the company. This has resulted in bagging two large prestigious assignments in less than six months of its operations and from there on journey continued not only in India but across the Globe.

Our Concept and Philosophy

How it assists your company is very simple. If you want to have the market edge on a system that is becoming a worldwide process right now, A sure way for customers to avoid surprises and be able to control unforeseen circumstances then let VIRTUREAL WORCON partner with your company and through a dynamic approach of development and implementation of project capabilities through outsourcing some of the project work, we can make sure you get up to speed without all the guess work that VIRTUREAL WORCON has had to do over the past years to be successful. VIRTUREAL WORCON furnish BIM services along with real construction on a case to case basis. We firmly believe that improved construction management with the use of technology brings about great advantages on account to Quality, Time and Cost with added flexibility. We work closely on projects making them Better, Faster and Cheaper with healthy synergies between the agencies involved.